The Model Son

It all started with an audition at the Stamford Mall for an upcoming movie called, "Scenes from a Mall" starring Woody Allen and Bette Midler.  Kerry and his cousin Valerie, both wanted to audition.   

Only Valerie was chosen, but I insisted that they also take her cousin, Kerry.  Valerie is Chinese and they were looking for Asian American to balance the ethnic look of the film.  They assumed 'cousin' meant 'Asian cousin,' and agreed to include Kerry, site unseen. 

Kerry had many small parts in the movie.  The most memorable being an elevator scene with Kerry, Woody, Bette, and Fabio (the Harlequin Romance hunk).  

After the movie finished shooting Kerry decided he wanted to continue acting and modeling.  So I got him an agent and we began going on auditions. 

Kerry landed the very first commercial he auditioned for.  It was for Popsicle.  He spent two weeks in a pool with 5 other kids.  One of them was Macaulay Culkin's girlfriend.  Macaulay was on the set everyday and he kept a very close eye on Kerry who's job was to toss a beach ball to Macaulay's girlfriend who was a blond hair, blue eyed Ford Model.

Kerry on the cover and back of a scholastic book jacket.  The artist did however, change his nose.  Kerry got a big kick out of it. I was NOT pleased.  

Tear sheets from various magazines

A Readers Digest Article

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